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Client Gifts
Customers ... the lifeblood of your business.  As with any relationship, it's critical to invest the appropriate time and resources into nurturing and growing your key client relationships.  People do business with people they like -- and of course, people like people who give them gifts!  Whether it's a referral thank you, just "thinking of you", closing a big deal, for conferences, or speaker gifts, we can provide the perfect gift -- and maybe even brand it with your company's logo and colors.

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Reversible wine decanter     Wooden wine box with logo ribbon     Himilayan salt lamp     Toffee bark

Thank You & Holiday Gifts
This year, don't give your clients, patners, and vendors same thing again -- or worse, fail to give them anything at all.  Whether it's to celebrate a new deal, the start of a new relationship, an above-and-beyond effort, or in appreciation for another great year of working together, we have exactly what they'll want.  These are just some of the companies we help:




Business Meetings / Trips to Asia
In some cultures, gift giving is an expected – and even critical – part of building a relationship and doing business together.  We can help you navigate the customs and find the right gift to close the deal.

Case Study:

Four days before departing for an important business trip in China, the two executives from Gilead Sciences realized they needed to bring some appropriate gifts.  We helped them select the right gifts – factoring in cultural, budget, number or gifts needed (40+), and travel considerations, -- wrapped them in the culturally appropriate colors, and delivered them directly to the executives’ homes the day before their flight.

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