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Create Your Own Gift

Do you have a special event, a unique situation, or a recipient with particular interests or preferences?  No problem!  Since we build every gift to order, just let us know and we’re happy to tailor it to the situation, your preferences, and your recipient’s interests – all at no additional charge.

Ice cream social basket     SF Giants gift basket     Live orchid gift basket

Kids gift basket with toys     Restaurant gift basket     Fisherman gift basket

A few of the custom gifts we’ve created over the years:

  • Employee who had a company server fall on him and break his leg
  • Director-level recruit on a strict Kosher diet
  • Recruiting candidate who loves Jazz music
  • Co-worker going to Disneyland for her honeymoon
  • Executives going to China in 4 days to meet with 40+ VIPs
  • Recruiting gifts with items for candidate’s spouse and kids
  • Tenant ice cream social raffle gifts with movie night, golf, and coffee themes
  • Live orchid for the desk of a friend starting her new job
  • Birthday present for a co-worker who is an avid outdoorsman
  • San Francisco Giants Hall of Famer’s holiday gifts to his staff and friends
  • Tenant trapped in an elevator and missed his flight


You name it and the odds are we’ve either done it or can do it.  
Contact us -- we love a challenge!


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