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Ongoing Gift Programs

The Gourmet Gift Horse specializes in making ongoing gifting easy.  Setting up a gift program is fast, effective, and can be cancelled or changed at any time.

Some of the immediate benefits are:

  • Select a standard gift design(s) up front and then customize, as necessary.
  • Include branded merchandise with your company's logo.  We can help you order the items and/or warehouse them at our facility until needed.
  • Quickly place the order via email.  Just provide the recipients' name, address, and any applicable customizations (e.g. items for the family, special interests, different card message, etc.).
  • Faster turnaround.  Since we'll have everything in-stock, we can usually build and ship your gift out the same day you ordered it.
  • Reduce administrative time with automated billing to a credit card stored securely on file or we can email the invoice directly to you or your Accounts Payable team


We are proud to operate these gift programs for our clients:



  • Gifts at the offer extend stage.  Further differentiate your offer from others the candidate is considering.  It also reassures the candidate and their family's emotional needs -- using your branded items helps them visualize themselves at your company.
  • Gifts at the offer accept stage.  This is a great way help the employee feel good about and reinforce their decision to join.


  • New employee welcome gifts.  Send your new employees a gift a few days before their start date or have it on their desks the first day.  What a great way to get the employment relationship off on the right foot and start building relationship capital and engagement!
  • New baby gifts.  Help the new parent celebrate this important life event with one of our adorable baby baskets.  These are also great for baby showers at the office.
  • Promotion/recognition gifts.  The best way to get more of the desired behavior is to reward and recognize it publically when it occurs.
  • Sympathy gifts.  Demonstrate that you care and provide comfort during this difficult time.

Property Management / Realtors

  • Move-Ins / Closings.  Welcome your new tenant or client into their new office or home.  This is a great way to create relationship capital and/or complete this transaction on a positive note, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.
  • Lease Renewals / Anniversaries.  Mark the continuation of your professional relationship with a nice gift.  Give them more reasons to stick around for another year.
  • Holiday gifts.  Show your appreciation and celebrate the holidays with a meorable gift.  It's a great opportunity to sit down, review the state of the relationship, and discuss the next year together.


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